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Winning MTT Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments:  The Winning Strategy

Multi-table tournaments, as the name suggests, are tournaments played across multiple tables.  The players have equal bankrolls.  As players lose their chips, the number of active tables is reduced by gathering multi-table survivors into one table.  This will be repeated many times until there’s only one table left where the person who wins all the chips brings home the tourney prize.

Your Goal

There’s one crucial thing that you should never forget about MTTs:  you win the prize if you are the last man standing.  Win all the chips and you go home with the prize; lose all your chips and you go home.  This means that you have to hold on to your chips as long as you possibly can AND win other people’s chips in the process.  What does this say about your game strategy?

Your Strategy

Early in the game where a lot of unskilled people are playing, you must stick to your guns – but only with extremely good starting hands.  For instance, in a no-limit Texas Hold'em MTT play the hand only if you have exceptionally playable starting hands.  Do not wait to see too many flops early on.  You’d just be depleting your bankroll much sooner in the tournament than you have to.  Let your cards have a say on whether you’re playing or sitting out a hand.  At this stage of the tournament, you are just trying to hold on to your chips.  Furthermore, playing conservatively tells other tourney players that you only raise when you have extremely good cards and you fold when you know you’re beat.  This reputation will come in handy later on.

When the number of players has been significantly depleted, it’s time to cash in on your tight-player reputation.  You should start risking your chips, but not recklessly.  At this stage, bluff for all you’re worth so you can increase your bankroll as rapidly as possible.  However, be careful; you’re no longer playing with the ‘babes in the woods’ but with the ‘wolves’.  Remember at this stage, you should try to win more chips YET retain your own chips.


If you manage to get to the final table with a reasonably high stack of chips, that’s very good.  Now, your goal is to win the tournament.  Put all the pressure on.  Pick on short-stacked players so that they can be out of the game much sooner.  At this stage of the game, you should show a very aggressive playing style.  However, do temper your propensity for terror tactics when dealing with players who have as high or even higher stack than you do.


For more insight on how to win multi-table tournaments, you’d better visit Full Tilt Poker where so many Poker Pros like Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson play.  You’ll see then how the pros work it so they win multi-table tournaments.

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