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Four highly needed poker skills


Poker sharks are usually always called tight and extremely aggressive. When these poker players play the good hands they have they play them like they have a pair. They don't show fear. Their poker face is what counts.

The above statement makes since but it doesn't truly say much. The best professional poker player is the one who has learned to master these four key skills of poker.

Four skills of Poker:


#1 Mathematics for Poker

  • Being a solid poker player, you must know and understand the mathematics of possible hand. For example: they understand poker players only have about 1 in 8.5 shot of getting a set when holding a pocket pair, and that the poker player must have about a 1 in 3 chance of completing a flopped flush draw when the river opens up.

  • The poker pro that understands the importance of outs. Outs are also known as the number of cards that will increase your hands odds. If you count your outs, multiply them by two and then add one; this is the percent of the shot you have at hitting the out.

  • Math skills are the most important skill for playing poker. This is day one knowledge. If you don't understand these concepts then you should not play a poker game for real money until you can completely understand the mathematics.


#2 Poker Discipline

  • This is what separates the poker fish from the poker professional, the poker fish does not think they can win, while the poker pro knows he can. Poker fish play to see what happens, and hope the luck is on their side. The poker professional does hopes his opponents won't get lucky, knowing that their skill is based on their knowledge and experience, not luck.

  • Good poker players understand that a different game requires a different discipline. A disciplined no-limit player can be a foolish limit player and vice versa. For example, a disciplined limit hold'em player has solid preflop skills. When there is not much action pre-flop, he or she only plays the better hands. When a lot of people are limping in, he or she will make a loose call with a suited connector or other speculative hand.

  • This is important, know when to quit. Recognize when you are on the tilt and know when to fold.

  • Do not get cocky. No poker player is perfect. If you start getting on a roll DO NOT GET COCKY. Keep your mind clear and focus on the hand and the flop.

#3 Poker Psychology

  • Learn and understand your opponents to the best of your ability. Try to empathize with your opponents, know what they think and understand the descision and why that descision was made. The poker professional will always try to have the answer to these three questions:


    1. What is it that my opponent has?

    2. What does my opponent think I have?
    3. What does my opponent think I think he has?
  • The answers to these questions will allow you to manipulate your poker opponent and pick apart his game.

  • Good Poker Players know that poker psychology is extremely important in a no limit game, than in a limit game. The limit games are mathematics battles where as no limit games carry a very strong poker psychology game.

#4 Understand Risk vs. Reward

  • Pot odds and demanding an advantage fall into this category. Poker players are willing to take a long-shot risk if the reward is high enough, but only if the expected return is higher than the risk.

  • More importantly, they understand the risk-vs.-reward nature of the game outside of the actual poker room. They know how much bank they need to play, and how much money they need in reserve to cover other expenses in life.

  • The poker professional knows he needs to be more risky with the overall bankroll than their current table stacks.

When playing a poker game, whether it be texas hold'em or Ohama poker, the poker player must value every single chip at the table. Their only concern should be about making the correct plays.  However, you should be risk-averse with your overall bankroll. You need to have enough money so that any day at the tables will not affect your bankroll too much. If you worry too much about losing, then you will make mistakes at the table. You need to leave yourself with the chance to fight another day.


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