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Cake Poker Bonus Code:


 Cake Poker



Cake Poker Slices

 Cake Poker Bonus Code: GPCMoney

Cake Slices are valuable tokens that players receive when they earn Cake Points through play at Real Money ring games. They can be redeemed for free tickets to Giveaway Tournaments or for items from the Cake Shop.

CakePoker introduces our Cake Slice rewards program. This unique program is designed to reward players with free entries into cash tournaments or items from the Cake Shop. Also check out Atorvastatin basics 20 mg filmtabletten and Buy levitra online in usa

How do I earn Cake Slices?

When you play at real money games or pay tournament fees, you will earn Cake Points (CP). As you accumulate CPs, you begin to fill in your Cake Slice Meter.

Cake Poker Slice Meter

Once your Cake Slice Meter is full, you will receive the Cake Slice that is viewed here to the right of the meter.

Cake Poker Slice Full Meter

Once you earn a Cake Slice, it is yours to keep. Redeem it whenever you’d like or save it and collect more.

What do I do with my Cake Slice?

Until December 31, 2006, look for our weekly “Own a Piece of Cake” qualifying satellites tournaments. Seats at the final table are worth $5K and some of these satellites require as little as 1 Cake Slice to enter.


Every week you can redeem your Cake Slice for a shot at our Weekly Slice Buy-in Giveaway. These tournaments may change from week to week (Limit Omaha one week, NL Hold’em the next). Since your Cake Slices do not expire, you are free to use whenever you wish.


Save up your Cake Slices to redeem for items from the Cake Shop.

The Cake Slice Meter Changed. Why?

Once you’ve earned your first Cake Slice, you’ll notice the white Target Bar shrink smaller.

Target Bar Before first Cake Poker Slice

Target Bar Before 1st Slice

Target Bar After First Cake Poker Slice

Target Bar After 1st Slice

This means that you can now earn your next Cake Slice with less CP. In fact, if you earn 3 more Cake Slices before the end of the calendar month, you’ll notice a big change to your Cake Slice Meter.

Cake Slice Meter

5th Cake Slice Bonus

Up until the end of the calendar month, if you earn a 5th Cake Slice, you’ll also earn a bonus Cake Slice. You can earn this bonus Cake Slice once each month.

6+ Cake Slices

For the rest of the calendar month, you’ll be able to earn as many Cake Slices as you’d like at the lowest Target Bar setting possible (the 5th Cake Slice target amount).


Cake Poker Bonus Code: GPCMoney
Get a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 when using our bonus code.


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*World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah’s License Company, LLC (“Harrah’s”). Harrah’s does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with, or its products, services, promotions or tournaments.
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