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Cake Poker Bonus Code:


 Cake Poker



Cake Poker Gold Cards

Gold Cards from Cake Poker

CakePoker is putting the fun back into online poker! We are proud to  introduce Cake Pokers new innovative and exciting Gold Card rewards. This totally unique promotion rewards your Real Money ring game play with Gold Cards that are randomly drawn from our secure Gold Card Vault. Complete a collection of 52 unique Series Gold Cards to win $52,000!

CakePoker has created 260,000 Gold Cards and tucked them safely away in their secure Gold Card Vault. Each Gold Card is stamped with a unique ‘Series 1’ seal, making these 260,000 cards the only ‘Series’ Gold Cards in existence.

You will win Gold Cards by playing at real money Ring Games. Each time you’re dealt cards, one or both of the first 2 cards you are dealt may transform into a Gold Card at the end of the hand even if you folded your cards during the hand! Learn more about Fildena 100 australia here.

Gold Cards are chosen via our Random Number Generator (RNG) when a certain amount of rake is collected. This amount is reached much more quickly at a $2/4 FL table than a $.25/.50 FL table. When the appropriate amount of rake is collected the RNG chooses a Gold Card from the Vault. However, there is no guarantee that the selected Gold Card will match any players 'hole cards'. If there is no match then another Gold Card is randomly chosen each hand until a match is found. This may take several hands and may even coincide with the selection of the next Gold Card if enough rake has been collected. Therefore the same player may be awarded of 2 or more Gold Cards in a row.

Once you’ve won a Gold Card, the fun doesn’t stop there. Every day, CakePoker will announce a Gold Card Daily Lottery. The Lottery will allow players who have the winning Gold Cards in their collection to redeem them for cash or tickets to exclusive tournaments. Or, players can choose to hold on to their Gold Cards and try to redeem them for larger Series Guaranteed Prizes, including our $52,000 Gold Card Jackpot.


In fairness to players who’ve worked to unlock a Gold Card at the tables, all players must be dealt cards on a certain percentage of raked hands before they are eligible to receive a Gold Card.

Which Gold Card will you get first?

The first two cards dealt to you at any real money Ring Game are eligible to become Gold Cards at the end of the hand, even if you fold them.

All Gold Cards are randomly drawn from our secure Gold Card Vault whenever a real money Ring Game table has generated the required amount of rake. This means the higher the stakes of the table, the more guaranteed Gold Cards will appear per hour.

How to use Gold Cards

Gold Card Daily Lottery

Visit Finasteride cheapest price every day and view the latest Gold Card section (under Rewards).

In the Awards section, you’ll see the Gold Card Daily Lottery. Each day a new lottery will be announced, offering you cash or tournament tickets in exchange for your Gold Card(s). You will also see the time remaining on the lottery offer as they will expire quickly. You can view previous Gold Card Daily Lotteries here.

Once you redeem a Gold Card for a prize, it will be removed from your collection (and the site) for good. You can earn multiples of a single type of card (which are displayed in numbers on the bottom right corner of your Gold Card)


Cake Poker Guaranteed Prizes

In addition to the Gold Card Daily Lottery, there are fixed prizes that are always available for you to redeem your Series Gold Cards.

$52,000 Series 1 Gold Card Jackpot

CakePoker is giving away a guaranteed $52,000 jackpot to one lucky player. Canada levitra buy online to read the details on the two different ways you could be that player.

Other Series Guaranteed Prizes

Simply collect the Series cards displayed to get the prize listed (for a limited time).

Series Ace of Hearts Guaranteed Prize

Redeem the Ace of Hearts to instantly and receive a $5K seat at the final table of our “Own a Piece of Cake” tournament. Click here to learn more about “Own a Piece of Cake”.

What’s next for Gold Cards?

Soon there will be new ways for you to redeem your Gold Cards. Those who collect Series Gold Cards during our first few months may find that holding on to them may be very profitable in the long run.

Gold Cards are designed to reward everyone from the casual to the experienced player for their play on CakePoker. Which Gold Card will you get first?

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